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Matter Bio is a longevity holding company focused on preserving genome integrity

As we age, our genome is constantly being damaged by exogenous and endogenous sources.
Occasionally errors are missed and incorporated into the DNA in the form of mutations, structural variations, epigenetic drift, and other types of information loss.

At Matter, we have assembled a world-class team of scientists and executives to help counter this critical information loss in the genome. To achieve this, we are focusing on a number of assets that address key stages in the genomic information loss continuum.

We are a hub-and-spoke model for Longevity

Matter Bio will intervene at 4 critical junctures of information loss



Detecting loss of information


Enhance repair to prevent accumulation


Repairing integrated mutations and reintroducing the original information


Removing cells that are too mutated and cannot turn back: cancer, clonal and senescent cells

Spellcheck Bio

Spellcheck has pioneered a new form of DNA editing that checks for somatic mutations before fixing them. This is a surgically precise approach, that only edits when needed. A “spellchecker” for the genome.

Loki Therapeutics

Immune therapies face a triple limitation:

Fewer blank T-cells

Highly mutagenic tumor

Strong immune suppression of the tumor and its microenvironment

Loki’s immune-AWAKE™ bacterial platform overcomes these challenges and enable visualization and eradication of solid tumors and metastases

Selective infection + destruction of tumor cells is enabled by 3 key innovations

1. Attenuated Listeria

Our engineered Listeria strain has been designed for safe, targeted infection of tumor cells and can carry an antigen payload directed to express on the cell surface.

2. Myeloid Mediated Delivery

Our Listeria has a unique ability to attract & infect circulating Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells, who bring it directly into the tumor microenvironment, acting as a “Trojan Horse”.

3. Recall Antigen

Our Recall Antigen payload allows us to bypass naive T-cells and directly reawaken and redirect Memory T-Cells. This represents a completely new modality for immune therapy.


Substantial improvement in survival


Double treatment cycles almost doubles survival time!


Single-cell sequencing to detect point mutations orders of magnitude cheaper, better, and faster than competing methods

SMM-sequencing uses rolling circle–based linear amplification (RCA)  to produce single-stranded DNA molecules composed of multiple concatemerized copies of equally represented DNA strands of each particular DNA fragment.
Because all these copies are independent replicas of the original DNA fragment, potential errors of amplification remain unique for each copy and do not propagate further. Copies of opposite strands are in an end-to-end orientation and separated by common spacers used as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) priming sites during the second step of the process when concatemerized copies are individually amplified and converted into a sequencing library. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abm3259

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